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Moody Dreams/Thinking is the Best Way to Travel

A collage of "Moody" images. 20"x30", oil. These are fun. I have put in a key to the images underneath the painting.

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Bird-summer birds with wings of fire.  Driftwood-don't leave me driftwood n the shore.  Checkerboard- life is a simple game.  Rainbow-sounds of color.  Face in window-the cool of her eyes make waterfalls...,she sits and gazes out her window.   Rose-like a rose that blooms in the wintertime as it reaches up through the snow.  Clock face/road/earth on fire-roman numerals and position the hands on the clock portray the lyrics..from sixty three through to sixty nine and year and month the painting was done, the road is steppin in a slide zone steppin in a time zone, the earth is... scorching this earth. Sillouette with "lights"-The Actor. Four doors-the house of four doors indicating four ages of music with the present age open. Flying saucer and gold guitar-In Search of the Lost Chord. Moon and planet-under moonshine and take a look out there, planets everywhere. Stairs-the stair that lead up to your open mind. Face with closed eyes-thinking is the best way to travel/Moody dreams