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Moody Blues Song Paintings

"Live hand in hand, and together we'll stand, on the Threshold of a Dream." Graeme Edge

Welcome! Here Moody Blues music and lyrics are transformed into visual images in the form of original paintings. There are The Winds of Change, On the Threshold of a Dream, Tuesday Afternoon and many more. Also many non Moody works and links to some concert and backstage pics too. Thanks for visiting!
  I am now offering prints! The largest I can offer at this point is 81/2"x11".  Price is $22.00 plus shipping. I will only charge what is costs me for shipping.  Email me if you're interested.

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Knights of the Lost Chord

(a fun short fable written by Dave Beaty)

Backstage and concert photos

Moody and Art Webring Links


It's just me, Kathy Beaty and my husband Dave. Please check out my links, above. And check back again sometime. I'm always adding new art and other things.



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